Dances of Universal Peace

Went to Dances of Universal Peace at the Sufi center, Rising Tide International in Sarasota FL last night. The Dances of Universal Peace are simple moves in unison, usually in a circle. As the group moves, you sing or chant beautiful prayers. One of the chants last night was “I am you and you are me,” as we moved our hands back and forth together. After awhile, it began to sink in. “Oh my gosh, I really AM this other person and he/she really is me.”

Well, this morning I was writing down my soul about this experience and realizing that this is another way of saying that psych 101 premise: whatever drives you crazy about the other guy is actually what drives you crazy about yourself. (Oh, we all hate that truism!)

So I asked, what do I do when my buttons get pushed by someone. The answer came quickly: 1. SEE the other person’s fear and recognize that it’s also your own, 2. CLOSE your eyes. With your eyes closed, stop looking at that scary thing and allow your inner eyes to see the truth that is right there in your peripheral vision, running beside the fear. 3. BREATHE (When in doubt, breathe, right? When my son calls upset in NY, the first thing I say is breathe!) 4. SAY something that is the opposite of the fear.

What’s the opposite of fear? I asked. Trust, the Voice answered. (Duh, I thought.) So for me I would say outloud, “I am safe and loved.”

Man oh man, that feels good and right. Now, all I have to do is remember to DO it. Feel the fear, close my eyes, see the truth, breathe the truth, and say it–out loud. I feel better already.

4 Comments on “Dances of Universal Peace”

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  2. Dear Janet – You’re right in tune with what Deepak Chopra is also teaching about how to handle yourself when you are in the middle of a struggle with your own identity.

    His formula is – Return to Being – Stop struggling and just BE for a few minutes – Breathe and recognize that ALWAYS you are being Breathed – and then invite in LOVE.

    These tools are just wonderful. Thanks for being you and CONGRATULATIONS on your new Blog – God Bless – Lauren

  3. Grace says:

    Hello 🙂

    I just returned to blogging after a hiatus of a couple of months and a re-newing of my own blog. I hit that funny little arrow on the upper right of the dashboard, and landed straight here.

    I know for a fact that it wasn’t an accident. My intention is to read from start to finish, and see what’s going on here. 🙂

    While I haven’t read your book, I’ve been doing some sort of “writing my soul’ for about 40 years now. It’s going to be amazing to read what you’ve written, and how it will take me to the next part of my journey.

    Gods blessings on all that is you.


    • janetconner says:

      Grace: (what a great name) yup, there are no accidents. Life is unfolding so beautifully, I love all these synchronicities. I seem to have one every day, as you’ll see when you read my newer posts about the life around the corner. You can see more about deep soul writing at my main website, htttp://

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