The perfect day to think about forgiveness

Who's in your dungeonMaybe that’s a stupid title. The perfect day to think about forgiveness is every day! But today, Good Friday for Christians, is particularly important because Jesus said, “Father, forgive them.” To my human mind, it is impossible to imagine forgiving in that moment.

But I know that forgiving is the most important thing we do. The hardest, too. In Caroline Myss’ s  Entering the Castle, she describes St Theresa of Avila’s image of the soul as a castle. And ten guesses what’s in the basement of your castle? Your dungeon.

The second I read those words, I saw my dungeon in the pit of my bowels, and saw who was chained up down there. The good news is I’d already released my parents, my ex-husband, old bosses, and even the judge. But the joint wasn’t empty. I’d locked up a few other people down there.

Once you have that image, it’s almost automatic that you realize that you have to open the cell, let your prisoners out, and flood that space with light and, yes, love. I can do that in the moment, but then, wham, I lock ’em back up when I think about the hurt.

Forgiveness, I’m learning, is a lifelong process. It’s necessary. Just think how sweet life will be walking around without a dungeon. I’m working on it.


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