The Life Around the Corner Part 2: Look Where You Are

Malcolm X = Lenox

Malcolm X = Lenox

Two days ago I wrote about “The life around the corner.” Lovely idea. Lots of readers. Wonderful feedback. Now it’s time to move on to the next blog post, right?


This morning, it came to me that I’m just beginning to scratch the surface of the full meaning of “the life around the corner.” I was in the shower, which my original Conari editor called, “the phone booth to God.” The first time I heard her say that I burst out laughing. Oh yes, it’s the phone booth to God, alright, but there’s a big problem with this phone booth: there’s no place to take notes. I’ve learned to repeat out loud what I’m hearing/learning/seeing so it sticks in my head long enough to make it to a towel and then to paper.

Well, this morning in the phone booth, I realized that I had missed many of the rich details that make this story meaningful and important.

For example. The phrase “the life around the corner” came through on the page while I was whining about the low turnout for my workshop. As the class wrote their creative blessings, I barked on the page, “What’s the deal? You bring me to New York and then everyone stays home? How does this help the book? How does this keep me going? I trust you to shine the light, but this sure doesn’t look like a bright light to me!” (You should know by now that my relationship with the Voice is real. I bring the whole Janet to the conversation–warts, fears, irrational thinking and all.) Somewhere in the midst of my whining, that magical phrase popped on to the page.

The aha in the phone booth today was this: the phrase came through because I had a lousy turnout. If the room had been full, I’d have been writing, “thank you, thank you, thank you.” And “the life around the corner” would never have appeared. So odd as it sounds, I’m grateful, oh so grateful, that the workshop was a dud. This is a perfect example of that profound but often undigestible truth: nothing is happening to you; everything is happening for you.

But there’s more.

In the shower, I again saw myself walking up Lenox and remembered that it is also Malcolm X Blvd. Now think about that. Lenox = Malcolm X. To me, it’s obvious. Lenox sounds like the beautiful dream–the success, the beauty, the joy, the bounty. Lenox. Shoot, it sounds like an estate in the English countryside. But Malcolm X is the same street. For a few blocks, exactly where I was walking, Lenox is Malcolm X Blvd. What does Malcolm X represent? How about struggle. How about the fight to be heard, seen, recognized, and respected. How about standing up for your self, your dignity, your place in the world. I don’t think it’s an accident that out of all the streets in New York city, I was hiking up Lenox/Malcolm X a few hours after receiving the phrase, “the life around the corner.”

But wait, there’s more.

Where was I headed? 125th street. I love how numbers appear in my life, carrying nudges and messages and blessings. Well, 1 + 2 + 5 = 8. If you know anything about numerology, you know that 8 represents prosperity, abundance, success, money, power. So my life around the corner was on Abundance Street, so to speak.

Want more?

My birth number is an 8. You get your birth number by adding up your birth date. Mine is 6 16 1948. Add up all those digits and you get 35. Then add the 3 +5 = 8. This is not a coincidence. Not in my book.

I’m sure I’ll uncover more about my adventure with “the life around the corner” when I write down my soul tomorrow or dream about it tonight or step into that mysterious phone booth again. But here’s what I’m sure about so far:

  • The life around the corner is right there. I just can’t see it.
  • I have a choice: I can duck into a safe doorway or I can walk bravely up the avenue holding my dream and honoring my struggle to achieve it.
  • If I do that–dream and struggle, struggle and dream–while moving forward the whole time, I will reach my intersection. I will finally turn and see it: my life around the corner. I will step into the vision heaven is keeping for me. I just have to see it, believe it, and keep going.

I think I’ll start by getting back in the shower.

(Thank you to Jennifer at 2serenity on flickr for this fabulous photo.)

14 Comments on “The Life Around the Corner Part 2: Look Where You Are”

  1. revlauren says:

    You’re just going to love these ideas for capturing ideas in God’s phone booth…

  2. Jennifer says:

    This is great Janet. I have my own life around the corner experience to share. As you know my ex and I split up. It kept getting uglier everytime we would interact, whether it be in person, phone, email, and texting. (I hate texting) I asked The Voice why can’t this just end peacefully, why does everything have to be a huge fight, seems like we are 2 decent people who can manage to communicate and move on. So the Voice tells me that this bond needs to be severed AND that I prayed for it AND that it is necessary to keep having these iNEGATIVE nteractions so that I truely let go, then the healing can begin. So I prayed for it, ok fine, dammit every interaction will be nagative with the ex until I let it go. Thank God, then the healing process can begin and someday the ultimate, foregiveness. So I keep walking down this long street and just when I think there is a corner to turn, I end up walking down a dead end alley. Not anymore I have directions now thanks to the Voice!

    • janetconner says:

      Jennifer: Oh, I so relate. I went through (and I think everyone going through a break up goes through) a similar struggle. And the road is SO unclear during all that pain. But I’m grateful for the pain, because it drove me to the page and that’s where I discovered the Voice with all its loving guidance and direction. I compiled the deep soul writing exercises to heal a broken heart to produce Spiritual Geography. You can see the map and sample exercises at Just keep going. All shall be well. You are finding your way.

  3. Gayle says:

    Well….it’s that old truth smacking us in the face again. When it’s all going great and we feel happy….we don’t really grow. If the workshop was full and you were into your thank you, thank you, thank you mode…….no reason to explore consciousness and ask, OK, why this?

    Isn’t it interesting how we are as humans? I’m not a believer in world peace, I don’t pray for it nor do I believe it is what Earth was designed for. Earth is a classroom, “Conflict 101”, we incarnate here to have the experience of opposite ends of the spectrum. Anything goes here, this is a free will zone, seems that’s the only way we learn and grow.

    Then when we “get it” here, we evolve into other realms and dimensions where there is such a thing as peace and harmony, unconditional acceptance etc. The time we spend as earthlings involving numerous lifetimes is up to us, do we resist or open to the experience and see it all as perfect.

    How can we learn to stay peaceful and centered, the calm in the eye of the storm unless there is a storm?

    So the path stays smooth for us for awhile and then Spirit says…..OK….time for the next lesson….Oh Boy, what’s this one about!

    I love Life Around the Corner…..these boots are made for walking…and that’s just what I’m gonna do!

    Love and Blessings,

    • janetconner says:

      Gayle: I hadn’t thought of it that way. I love this. This is Earth School and we’re here to learn, so no wonder it ain’t the Garden of Eden. Thanks for that reminder. Well, it looks like I’m in bloomin’ graduate school here! It’s been quite a ride. Or using this analogy, quite a hike. And I’m still walkin’. Uh oh, now you’ve got Nancy in my head. You’re in trouble now!

  4. Karen Walker says:

    HI Janet,
    A friend directed me to your blog site and I am so glad she did. Writing down your soul is such an incredibly wonderful phrase. It’s what I did when I wrote my recently published memoir, but I didn’t call it that. Reaching inside our souls and sharing what we learn is such a gift to the world, and you are writing about it in such an accessible way. Blessings to you, Janet. I’ll be checking your blog regularly.

    Karen Walker

  5. Jennifer says:

    Love your blog and the photo : D

    You are definitely having a spiritual awakening. Continue to allow all the angels around you to lead you. Continue to keep an open mind!

    Jennifer (aka 2Serenity on flickr)

    • janetconner says:

      Jennifer: That’s it. Walk with the angels. If you only knew how accurate you are. In my next blog I’m going to talk about all the glorious churches on Lenox/Malcolm X between 116th and 125th. Seems there were two or even three on every block, one more gorgeous than the next. If you have a photo of a Harlem church may I use it? Send to THANKS

  6. Lorielle says:

    I know in your book you talk about the Voice not predicting things, but in a way I think it nudges us in the right direction. Many years ago, I used to write in a journal, and I guess at the time I was speaking with the Voice or my higher self or my guides, whatever. 🙂 Just random writing down my thoughts, which I like to call “automatic dictation.” At the time, I was living with my boyfriend in the basement of his parent’s home. I wanted to find a place of our own, but he didn’t seem to be in a big hurry to leave the nest.

    One day, while writing, this came out: “Move comes after Florida.” I hadn’t a clue what that could mean. I lived in Iowa and we weren’t planning any trip to Florida. I forgot about it until a few months later – we decided to buy tickets to the Pepsi 400 race in Daytona Beach, FL. We went to Florida and the 2 of us stayed in his parent’s condo at Orange Lake. When we got back to Iowa he told me, “I think it’s time we got our own place.” And so we did.

    So even if you write something today that makes absolutely NO sense to you now… give it time, it just might!

    • janetconner says:

      Lorielle: I have heard so many luscious stories like this. When we yield the pen, relax our conscious mind, and just allow the words to flow, things certainly do appear that make us go, “huh?” And then days, weeks, months, or years later, you remember and think, “oh, I get it now.” One of the first things I ever wrote in a journal was, “I want you to find me.” I wrote that BEFORE my marriage blew up, before Spiritual Geography, before Writing Down Your Soul, before any of that. I see now, that I called in that wild adventure. As August Gold teaches in almost every Sunday lesson at the Sacred Center: nothing is happening TO you; everything is happening FOR you. My soul was begging to find Spirit and Spirit was happy to comply.

  7. Jean Maurie says:

    Hi Janet,

    I’m writing every night before going to bed and the voices are telling me neat stuff. I’m hearing some of them when I’m not writing too. I wrote about them in my last couple of blogs about fears coming up to be healed. I found 7 of them that were sitting in my stomach waiting to be healed and released. Then they told me to go down in the basement and dance and stretch, that it would make me feel better. I finally did it today, a little but at least they know I’m trying. I love your book. I’ve even turned some of my clients onto the book. ^i^ angel hugs to you, Jean Maurie

    • janetconner says:

      Jean Maurie: You have perfectly described what Caroline Myss calls in Entering the Castle, “the dungeon.” She writes about St Theresa of Avila saying that in our soul’s basement is our dungeon where we keep all our unforgiven in chains. We are to simply open the cells and let them out. No talking, no justifying, not even any apologies. Just let them out (including the poor soul in the back who is, of course, ourself) and then flood your dungeon with light. I’ll be talking about this tomorrow in my talk on Prayer that Works at New Life Unity in Tampa. THANKS for telling people about Writing Down Your Soul. Please send them to the website, to subscribe to the newsletter. THANKS

  8. One night before bed I realized I had not done my daily writing. Exhausted from the days activities but committed, I opened up my e-mail to the Ellen experiment. I wrote by candle for a short while and received positive guidance for my writing projects but was too tired to go deep. I decided to pose the question of what was around the corner and leave a notepad by my bedside -hoping I would receive a message in the dream state and recall it the next morning. Imagine my surprise when I was awakened from a deep sleep at 3 am by a booming voice thundering inside my head! Here is what it said “We have awoken you for a reason. To answer your question. It is your childrens books that will be published. That is not to say you should stop your other work. Please continue your work on permission to rest – it is the door to your soul.” At first, I was stunned and chilled to the bone. Now, I am filled with gratitude for this amazing process.

    • janetconner says:

      Debra: This is a superb story. Thank you so much for sharing it. This is what happens. If you use the dream state, by setting your intention and placing your request as you fall asleep, you can (and will!) be awakened with ideas, or, as in your case, strong, loving support and encouragement. You are the reason (you and everyone like you) I wrote this book. Thank you for letting me know that deep soul writing is blessing you.

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