OK, now let’s all do what Ellen did

Ellen with Johnny

Ellen with Johnny

Ellen DeGeneres woke us all up. My last post, the one about her commencement address at Tulane, attracted a huge spike of readers. I think I know why. Ellen laid out a way — an incredibly simple way — to SEE your Life Around the Corner, by “seeing” it on the page in conversation with God. Ellen saw herself sitting next to Johnny Carson on the tonight show. Given Ellen’s situation at the time, that could have been labelled totally absurd, possibly delusional. But, guess what? It happened.

Her experience has really stuck with me. So, this morning, as I was saying my prayers, repeating my Covenant and my Writing Blessing, I closed my eyes and had a little chat with Spirit, or as Reverend Lauren McLaughlin, calls it, the Eternal Life Force — ELF. I was just saying something to the Elf, when I saw in my mind a bright white glowing light about the size of a basketball in my hands. Instinctively, I looked down into the white ball.

OH, I realized, this is how Ellen did it. She looked into the future, into her crystal ball, so to speak, or using my new favorite metaphor, into her spy binoculars and saw the Life Around the Corner. Clearly. She saw herself sitting next to Johnny Carson. Not wishing or hoping or “wouldn’t it be great if…” but saw it. Probably felt the chair beneath her. Felt the lights, saw his face close up. She simply was “there” inside her future experience. Did it happen because she experienced it a decade in advance or was it always going to happen and in that moment she simply got a peak? Interesting philosophical, metaphysical question there. And I don’t have the answer. Not an intellectual answer. And guess what? I don’t care how it works; I just want to have the experience.

So, looking into my white ball of light, I said, OK, I get it. I’ll sit down with my pen and have my own conversation with Spirit and SEE my future.

I asked on the page, “What is in my life around the corner?” Out gushed a bunch of things: Being on Ellen and talking about her experience, being on the Oprah Soul Series and on her TV show talking about deep soul writing, being interviewed by Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, shaking Neale Donald Walsch’s hand and hearing him say that deep soul writing is how he had his Conversations with God, and signing a half million dollar advance. All delightful. All powerful. All big.

But when I looked at the list, I said, “OK, I love them all and I DO see them all happening, but what ONE event, what ONE experience would be proof that all of this has transpired and more? What one experience sums up my Life Around the Corner?”

I knew immediately. I drew a bold dark blue ink square around the words: Walk into the New York city library and touch a shelf full of my books.

New York Library

New York Library

Even as I type that sentence, I feel tears. Tears are proof that this is THE apex experience I will have. I don’t know when. (When is not my job.) I don’t know how. (How is not my job.) Just know that it will happen. I am standing there right now, in my mind, in my white ball of light, smiling and reaching out and running my fingers slowly along the ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen books that I have written. I turn to my son and with tears in my eyes, say, “Here I am, permanently, in the New York city library. Guarded by the lions.”

Your turn.

Close your eyes, hold the white ball of divine light or the spy binoculars or become a hawk who flies ahead to see your Life Around the Corner. The image doesn’t matter. Just choose one that feels right to you and ask, “How will I know that I have achieved my Life Around the Corner?” Pick up a pen and start writing. See what images come through. No matter how wacky or amazing or unlikely or impossible — write them down.

Why? Because Ellen sat next to Johnny Carson. Because I will run my hands over my books in the main library in New York. (Oh, and be on Oprah and Ellen, and GMA!)

How about you? What are you doing in your Life Around the Corner?


19 Comments on “OK, now let’s all do what Ellen did”

  1. Janesia Kelly says:

    wow! what a great experience to embark on!
    i’m usually the one to question things;
    i always have questions tumbling through my
    mind, but this… i don’t even feel i have to question. i just can’t wait until it happens.
    ME. seeing around the corners of my life.
    i love how that sounds! and that makes me
    all the more excited to write.

    • janetconner says:

      Janesia: Sounds like you are getting deep soul writing right from the get go. The key is that you are not consciously controlling the conversation. That’s how the voice has a chance to come through. I, too, love the image of the “life around the corner.” It’s so hopeful, so intriquing, so filled with possibility. All we have to do is enjoy the journey!

  2. Sharon Kay says:

    I just did the exercise and am humbled by the result! Many years ago a priest prayed with me and looked me in the eyes and said “you are to write a book!” I have been avoiding that prophecy and now have had it affirmed again. So now I can return to my writing, after avoiding it for a few years (so much work!!! I thought!). My hands are pulsating with a new energy and ache to grab the pen and keyboard and get on the road to My Life Around The Corner!!! Thank you, Thank you.

    • janetconner says:

      Thank YOU, Sharon, for this exquisite story. The fact that your hands are shaking with energy verifies to me that this is indeed THE image. It IS what’s in your life around the corner. And that feeling of your hands aching to write…oh, I know that one. I think it’s further confirmation that you ARE a writer. You have something inside you, inside your soul, that is demanding to be expressed. It’s your mission, your purpose, your joy. To help you stay in love with the work every day, consider writing your creative blessing and saying it every day before you work. I’ll be teaching a Creative Blessing teleclass this summer. Watch for it in the newsletter.

  3. Andy King says:

    Very cool stuff! As I sat with a pen in my hand and trying to see around the corner I began to reflect on the over 100 e-mails written on my behalf in the last 24 hours in support of the new show to the producers. It occurred to me how talented I really am! Why would over 100 people lie or just try to make me feel good…they wouldn’t! It’s really me and I am going to get this show! It is incredible the pouring out of love and praise that I have received to push me along with my journey!!

    Thank you Janet for helping to bring this to my attention. When I look around the corner I feel like I am here and everything is finally happening…See you on Ellen’s show!



    • janetconner says:

      Yes it’s really you. I think that’s the big AHA in Ellen’s story — in ALL our stories. We ARE our lives around the corner. Those aren’t dreams or fantasies, they are what our souls came here to do and be. That’s why you feel so drawn to be on the show and why the image of that happening on the page is so vibrant and real. Because it is real. Enjoy the feeling now AND then be sure tell us when the show starts!

      (And on the way, keep returning to the page for more guidance and grace. It will always be there.)

  4. Patricia Caraway says:

    Grace, my spirit voice, kicked my butt tonight when I asked what’s around the corner. She told me to shut up, be quiet, be present, listen. She told me “they” are in control and guiding my every step. Evidently what’s around the corner for me is not nearly as important as being right here, right now and helping as much as I can those that need it most. When I asked to see what’s coming, boy oh boy, did Grace light into me. Guess I better listen for now but I’m still going to push the issue – just not now! Yikes!!!

    • janetconner says:

      Grace is a hoot. OK, so you don’t get the nifty vision of the future. BUT you are getting exactly what everyone gets in deep soul writing: the guidance and direction you need right now, this very moment, to live the life you’re here to life. It sounds like you sure got that. And I think it’s important to remember that you and Grace just “met” so to speak. What’s it been? A couple of weeks? You’re just beginning to discover her wise Voice on the page. When you’re ready, maybe she’ll give you a peak. Let me know when it happens. In the meantime, Grace is so right: heaven IS in charge and all is well. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences on the page with us.

  5. Katie Saylor says:

    When I did this exercise, I was surprised by what showed up on the page. My soul was definately ready to give me a glimpse into my life around the corner. Things I never imagined or thought of and things that I can’t wait to see happen to me. This was such a fun and rewarding experience for me, and I had a lot of fun seeing my life around the corner. How exciting to have such cool things to look forward to!

  6. Bridgitt Chaffin says:

    WOW. Double WOW. Seriously….

    *Alma* shocked me. I was soothed, encouraged, and calmed by her voice. For me, I began by asking Alma for guidance in this exercise and almost instantly it became a true dialogue back and forth, with me questioning and Alma reassuring me.

    Alma says, “You will revel every day in your writing, which in turn will satisfy your creative spirit and will harmonize your life, love, friendships, and other relationships. You know this is TRUE. What else is there?”

    Really, what else is there? I am so excited!

  7. Bridgitt Chaffin says:

    One other point…. my handwriting was so perfect this time…. I tried to write quickly & to disregard penmanship as I usually do, yet Alma came thru very *clearly.*

  8. Cheryl A Hatch says:

    “Writing Down Your Soul” could not have come at a better time in my life – I SO needed this. And Dana is coming through like gang-busters now that I am, as she put it: “IF YOU HAVE TO, CLENCH YOUR MOUTH TIGHT IF THAT IS WHAT IT TAKES TO LISTEN!”
    Doing the exercise Life Around the Corner always make me think about the old movie: “Shop Around the Corner” and I have always loved book stores and thought that if I had one I wouldn’t want to sell any of them. So, needless to say, I went the writing route, instead. And Dana has concurred with me that writing is indeed what I was meant to do. I have already written 9 plays and 4 short Children’s stories that need an Illustrator to make them happen. Now seems to be the time to start on the Big Novel.
    What an amazing thing The Voice is and an experience that will continue for a lifetime. I can never thank you enough, Janet, for allowing me to take this class and helping me learn to listen. I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and my mental attitude can only help my physical illnesses.
    Awesome experience!

  9. enee says:

    A few years ago I made a New Years resolution….EAT FEAR. To live up to that goal, I climbed, rode and ziplined. Each of those physical challenges.
    I have been writing down my soul for three weeks now. The Voice, MY Kiddo, speaks as I write and I am finding comfort and insight in the experience. It is my morning ritual. I approached the Life Around the Corner experiment. I just could not do it. I tried again. No go. I even tried in the afternoon, shake up the ritual a bit. I found that I will not allow myself to see my future. There is a wall. Since I am visual, this is what I see. When I think, I think visually in pictures. When I soul write, I am using words, I hear, and many show up that are not my familiar vocabulary. (a confirmation for me that they are feeding in from a higher source).Perhaps my FEAR of the future is manifested in this Wall or the inability to let my self See past the wall. Perhaps I have to revist my old resolution….EAT FEAR and turn the Wall in to something yummy ……..Phish Food Ben and Jerry’s perhaps?

    • janetconner says:

      You are not the only one who is confronting a wall with the Life Around the Corner. And if it isn’t right for you right now, of course, just let it go, But I think you are on to something, that it’s fear that is in the way. And as Fear is our number one bugaboo, THE thing that holds us back, I think it is a great gift to have that come to the surface so clearly and crisply where you can’t miss it and have to face it. So in it’s own wacky way the life around the corner exercise is helping you. If you want to write your note to me as a comment to the blog, go right ahead. It will help others who are having the same experience. And if you don’t, that’s OK too! Just keep the conversation with you and your Voice going and things will unfold

  10. Katie Saylor says:

    The life around the corner exercise was not only really fun to do and explore but yesterday it proved to be a great pain reliever as well. I am suffering from daily pain right now until surgery next month. Yesterday was a particulary painful day and even with medicine I spent most of the day in bed distracting myself with televison. Then I decided to reread what I had written and dream about my future to come. I instantly felt calmed and comforted mentally as I reread what my future will bring and my physical pain level went down. I got goosebumps and can honestly see my life around the corner becoming a reality and it made me feel so relaxed and peaceful. Thanks Ellen and Janet for a great writing exercise and mental and physical pain reliever as well.

  11. Janet,
    This Ellen exercise reminded me of a coaching exercise I use with clients called your Future Self. Anyway, I have not done it myself this intensely for a while. So here goes. I want to make at least a million dollars. My purpose is to help people express themselves and create positive, prosperous lives. I want to take my Positive Choices Program which is a unique stress/life management program and license it to a medical, insurance, or other company so that all their customers/subscribers can use it to improve the quality of their lives, plus they would buy books too. Then I want to license my 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women’s program from my book to workshop leaders so they can spread the word, and sell millions of books too. I want my website sales to increase 1000% this year–I am creating two new products now. I want a supportive agent who will help me to get a $500K book advance, just like you. I want to work with truly motivated coaching clients who will work with me for a minimum of 6 months, including two days with me on retreat. And I want to do all that with joy and ease. Thank you for the inspiration!! I look forward to supporting each other on our paths.
    Gail McMeekin
    Creative Success LLC

  12. Janet,
    I just figured out how to subscribe.

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