Miracles in Minnesota



Do you forget how to call in miracles? I do. Despite all the miracles I’ve manufactured in my life, especially during my darkest months, I forget. I forget really quickly. A memory fog slips in unannounced and engulfs me, and suddenly I can’t remember how to do it. Heck, I can’t even remember how it feels. You know what happens then? I get scared. That is until I have another proof that miracles are real and miracles happen to me.

That’s what happened Sunday. I’m in Minneapolis for a week of Writing Down Your Soul events. I began the week teaching a workshop at Unity Christ Church on Sunday. As my sister and sister in law drove me to church, I said a little prayer: “Gabriel, if you’re here, please bless me.” A few miles later, I saw a bulge on a lightpost ahead. As we got closer, I thought, “That almost looks like an osprey.” As we passed under the post, I thought, “That IS an osprey.” And as she looked back, my sister, Mary, said, “Uh, isn’t that an osprey?” She knows that ospreys for me represent Gabriel. Mary was surprised. She’d never seen an osprey on the Minneapolis freeway. I laughed and clapped and shouted my thanks. After a little Gabriel sighting, I was ready to teach, knowing I was guided, protected, and loved.

That would have been miracle enough for the day, but Rev Pat Williamson stunned me when he grabbed my book in the middle of his lesson on the soul and started reading from it. Then, he turned to me and invited me up to the podium to talk about my workshop on Writing Down Your Soul. Usually the workshop presenter gets a couple minutes at the end of the service, not five minutes in the middle of the lesson!

After Rev Pat’s lesson, a singer went up to the mike. He said, “Close your eyes and make a wish.” I did. I closed my eyes and said to myself, “I wish Rev Pat would recommend me to other Unity churches.” Short, simple, focused wish. Then the musician sang, “When You Wish Upon a Star,” from Pinnochio.

At the end of the service, I scooted out to get to the table in the lobby to sign books. And oh, did I sign books. The church had a case, but ran out. As I finished speaking to the last buyer, Rev Pat came up to me and gave me a big hug. He looked me in the eye and said, “How can I help you? I’d like to introduce you to other Unity churches. Is that OK with you?”

I laughed out loud and told him my wish just moments before. He roared and we both shouted, “God works fast!”

And God does. Ask and receive. It’s so simple. And so hard to remember. So hard to trust. So hard to believe.

So try it yourself. Today, right now, this moment, sitting right there in front of your computer, close your eyes for a moment, and make a wish. One simple, focused, clear wish. Do it now.

Then, when it happens — and it will, maybe not in the way you expect, but it will — please, come back and leave a comment. Your miracle will inspire someone else. Someone who needs a miracle today.

So, what’s your wish?


One Comment on “Miracles in Minnesota”

  1. Katie Saylor says:

    My wish is that because I am the list to have my surgery date moved up if a space becomes available that it will happen. I wished for a cancellation that I could take to be out of pain sooner. I will post again when it happens.

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