Writing Down Your Soul — The Painting!

Writing Down Your Soul by Nicole Raisin Stern

Writing Down Your Soul by Nicole Raisin Stern

Last fall, Maggie Stultz, a clay artist in Virginia, participated in a Writing Down Your Soul teleclass. We’ve stayed in touch ever since.

Today, Maggie sent an email with this sweet present attached–the first (and as far as I know, only) painting of Writing Down Your Soul.

Maggied loved the book so much she gave a copy to her friend and fellow artist, Nicole Raisin Stern.

Nicole is traveling cross country right now with her two favorite companions: this book and her kitten Bodhi.

I’m beyond tickled. When I look at this painting, all I can do is smile. Big smile. Outrageous smile. Oh my God, smile. Doesn’t it make you smile, too?

Nicole and her artwork are available at:


Hey, I wonder how many other books have had their portrait painted? Do you know of any?

7 Comments on “Writing Down Your Soul — The Painting!”

  1. This is High Praise for your work and hers – a collage of the artists favorite things. What a blessing for you and certainly unique – but then, so are you – delightfully so.

  2. Bridgitt Chaffin says:

    What an honor!

  3. This is wonderful! and was very fun to paint. Thank you, Janet 🙂

  4. kay carlson says:

    Dear Janet and Nicole, A wonderful collaboration!
    It has the personal nuance of attending to the soul…with whimsy and color….Keep the faith, Janet! Warmly, Kay

  5. cmdaumen@aol.com says:

    I love it! I want it! It makes me so happy to look at it. The beautiful colors. I am a visural person and this really speaks to me. Any chance this will available to purchase???

    • janetconner says:

      I doubt that it’s for sale. It is such a personal piece, but I’ll let Nicole know how you feel about it! The words around the plate are her name, the yea 2009 and some chinese characters. I’ll have to ask her what they mean.

  6. cmdaumen@aol.com says:

    also, what does it say in the lettering around the plate?

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