Even bugs are messengers

cockroach In Follow Up, the fourth step in Writing Down Your Soul, I talk about several ways to confirm or clarify your guidance. One of my favorites is to pay attention to the messages that come through animals. (p 183-185)

I was raised strict Catholic. Trust me, no nun or priest ever mentioned animals as vehicles for divine guidance. But in 1992, I took a Women’s Spiritual Empowerment class from Charlotte Starfire and my eyes were forever opened to the constant stream of messages in the air and on the land coming to me (and to everyone) in the form of animals.

Charlotte learned about the medicine, or healing messages, of animals from Sun Bear, the great Native American shaman and teacher. Since Charlotte’s class, I’ve kept my Medicine Cards close at hand and turned to them often to understand why a snake crossed my path or an osprey died a few feet from my door. I love my beautiful animal messengers and I welcome their messages.

But last night at 5:00 AM I got a new messenger and I didn’t love it at all. I was awakened by a cockroach crawling across my forehead. Instinctively, I threw it across the room and sat up in horror. I turned on the lights and pursued that thing for thirty minutes. I simply could not fall back asleep with a cockroach somewhere in my bedroom. This is Florida, and I know roaches are everywhere, but thanks to my pest control company, there’s never been a moving one in my bedroom before.

Well, this morning, when I did my deep soul writing, I asked, “What’s with the bug? If I perceive your divine messages in other more delightful animals, don’t I have to recognize the message this creature delivered, too?” It took me a few pages of writing to get the message. The bug had been on my forehead, my third eye, the seat of my knowing. So it was letting me know that I had bugs in my thinking, bugs in my programming.

And of course, it was right. I’ve been wracked with fear lately, fear about finances and fear about my son’s well-being. I desparately need to debug my programming.

“How do I do that?” I wrote. And the answer instantly appeared: “Ask the cards.” But this time, instead of going to the Medicine Cards, I went to a new deck my publicist, Jennifer Hill Robenalt, gave me when I met her in Austin: The Answer is Simple by Sonia Choquette. I love these cards. And they are, as the name implies, incredibly easy to use.
The Answer Is Simple cards
So I took a deep breath and prayerfully asked my question: “How do I debug my programming? How do I get the fear out?”

I drew three cards and laughed at the answer — and yes, it’s simple, clear and simple:

1. Say Thank You.
Suspend your fears long enough to recognize and appreciate those who are helping you. I recognized immediately that I’d been taking the small army of people who love me and my book for granted.

2. Reclaim Your Art
I didn’t even have to read this to know the answer: get back to my creativity, my writing, my love, my joy.

3. Say Yes
“The ego gets fearful…it waits until it’s absolutely sure that it will be safe before it acts. The trouble with this approach to life is the ego never feels safe, so it never acts, it reacts…. Don’t allow the ego to hold you back from the gorgeous opportunities in front of you. Take a chance and trust life as it unfolds.”

The cards perfectly diagnosed the fear “bugs” in my programming and showed me three simple steps to take to get de-bugged. I’m on it right now: I am grateful, I am writing, and I joyfully say YES! to my life’s purpose.

And so, I have to say once more to all my messengers, from the majestic birds to the creepy bugs, thank you for your words and your wisdom, your guidance and your grace. I see you. I hear you. And I learn from you. I am so blessed. And thank you to Sonia Choquette for her fabulous cards.

I am not special or unique. The animals are talking to all of us all the time. Consider this: What animal is delivering a message to you right now? What’s the animal? What’s the message? And what are you going to do with your message?


15 Comments on “Even bugs are messengers”

  1. Janet, I do the same thing with animal messengers, whatever they are. Recently, a friend has had a number of run-ins with scorpions (here in Texas) and we spent time together working to uncover the message.

    What I love is that messages come in many forms – and that they use different ones until I get it. I received one through a poem this week, after a random click on a website.

    So much creativity and wisdom in the universe.

    • janetconner says:

      Pamela: That’s THE point, I think: the univers is talking to us all the time, but we fail to notice all that hand waving! I got the name of my next book watching American Idol. I tell new soul writers in my Writing Down Your Soul classes that what we’re basically doing when we slip into theta and access divine wisdom is making ourselves available and yes divine wisdom shows up on the page, but it shows up everywhere. By the end of the 5 weeks of class, everyone has jaw-dropping stories to tell about how the universe is guiding them. How did you find me and this blog? I love to know how the universe connects us all!

      • That’s another serendipity.

        I rec’d an email from Jennifer Robenalt, asking me to join a weekly group. How did she find me? Perhaps through Nettie Hartsock, whose workshop I had attended quite a while ago, but never met personally…you get the drift. So I know of you and your work though Jennifer.

        Nice to meet you. 🙂

  2. Bridgitt Chaffin says:

    I am fascinated by this, even more so since reading your book. I have found butterflies are very important in my life.

    And about a month ago, we had a gecko experience…. I had a dream about a translucent spotted brown lizard crawling all over me, and in the dream I was frantically trying to escape the sheets and the horrible creepy crawly lizard. Thinking it was just a wild dream, I wrote it off but it felt so real, and I couldn’t seem to let the feeling go. The next day I spotted a 4 inch gecko on the wall directly over our headboard!!! Eeeek! (The blur between dreams and reality…. oh my!) My husband and son “caught” it safely under a bowl, showed me as proof, and let it go outside.

    Looking up gecko symbolism, I found this: “In the Phillipines, you were considered very blessed if one lived in your bedroom. They would run around on the ceiling catching bugs, saving yourself from the hungry, nasty bites.” Also, apparently with their ability to regrow their tails, they are also a symbol of self-preservation and re-growth (my intention in the teleclass.) Hmmm…. definitely lots to ponder there!

    (P.S. I have never felt taken for granted one bit by you….) 🙂

  3. Bonnie says:

    Janet, What an experience. I have loved the Medicine Cards for years. The messages of the animals helped me through a very tough year when I felt very alone many years ago. They were to the point but reassuring. We always look them up when they cross our paths.

    Last week when we were in Sedona we did a releasing and celebrating rituals in the Red Rocks in the Vortexes. The animals (and butterflies) that showed up were so amazing in the messages related to what we were releasing and celebrating.

    I’m glad to hear your animal messager evoked the same response, initially that I would have had. You might have heard me all the way to where you are!

    I think we are all learning to release the old programming the fears and all that is keeping us from being who we authentically are.


  4. Thanks for bringing to the forefront of my reality today the significance of the animals. I am propelled into gratitude for what we find in the reflections of all that surround us.

    When meditating the other day on my front porch there was a frog, a lizard, and then a squirrel that would have climbed up onto my foot if I had invited her (not a usual occurrence).

    The squirrel came three times, once after I had retrieved my dog and she was sitting on my lap. Neither of them were stirred by the presence of the other (also, an unusual occurance). I thought “my messages must be a little complex today, I better stay here in my garden for a while, seek and savor their insightful gifts.”

    • janetconner says:

      Judy: All of these animals are in the Medicine Cards. As I recall frog is cleansing, lizard is dreaming with a message to pay attention to your dreams, and squirrel is an energetic reminder that work is a joyfilled activity. Gather those nuts! I’d say you were surrounded by angels that morning!

  5. Bonnie says:

    During our trip to Sedona we did a medicine wheel and releasing and celebrating rituals with a guide. It was lovely to look up in the Medicine Cards, right then what animals (and butterflies) showed up during the process. Each one made perfect sense to what we were doing. I loved it that there were many butterflies during our process. That delighted me as that is a part of my logo and brand for the Natural Path to Happiness.

    Janet, I’m glad to read your response to your night time messenger. I know you would have heard me scream at your house if that had happened to me.

    Judy, squirrels are all around this house but seemed to be very busy yesterday. One just stayed on our screen with his body facing me. I do believe the harvest of nuts is coming in and I’m gathering.

    Happy animal watching and gathering

  6. You inspired me to explore the Cockroach as an animal totem and I found a lot of agreement on the subject of the roach representing survival. Here is one of many such examples:
    The cockroach is all about survival and reminds you that no matter what life throws at you, you have all the tools neccessary already at hand to survive even the worst that life can throw at you. “The cockroach shows you that you have the ability to know when it’s time to scurry out of the way of danger and also how to survive in all circumstances and environments. And if your see that big slipper coming at you in an attempt to flatten you just know that you have what’s neccessary to move quickly and change direction in a heart beat.” Sherry Andrea Seems to me you have already profen that. Does that make you the new Reba McEntire?

    • janetconner says:

      And Lauren, you inspire me to look deeply deeply deeply at all the ways the loving power of the Universe is guiding me. Even with the soft touch of a roach in the middle of the night. Although I was horrified at the time, I was also surprised that the touch of the bug’s legs on my skin was as light as a whisper. That’s got to be a piece of it too. God’s gentle “kiss” is always here. Always. But sometimes I forget. Sometimes, we all forget.

  7. Reef says:

    We have two mices in our home. One looks like a big brother or sister. The other is a baby mouse that gets scared and likes to hide. This is recently in our home. They like to take the cheese and hide somewhere.

    In the summer of 1998, I used to see a flock of blue birds by out Albatross apartment in Kitimat.
    Sometimes, I would see one every day.

    I know they are trying to tell me something, but what? I don’t know how to read animals signs, but I wish I understood more about what they meant.

    • janetconner says:

      Get the book Animal Speak by Ted Stevens. It has tons of information about the meaning of animal messengers. And mouse is in the Medicine Cards. It means scrutiny if I remember correctly, meaning look, really look, at what is right in front of you. Also, just google animal totems and see what you find there. But the best method is to ask yourSELF, your wise inner self what the animal or any other event is trying to tell you.

  8. Karen Walker says:

    What a lovely site, Janet, and a very inspiring post. The other day a red-breasted robin crossed my path as I walked in the park behind my house. On my second go-round, he strutted back across,this time with a worm in his mouth. He looked so self-satisfied. As my consciousness awakens more and more each day, noticing these kinds of details has more significance and sometimes, just delight.
    Karen Walker

    • janetconner says:

      Karen, Thanks for writing. It is astonishing to me that the cockroach has created a swarm of attention. More comments than any other blog post. Hmmmm. I think we are all aware on some level of the messages of animals but may not be willing to acknowledge them or admit them outloud until something like this comes along. But we are surrounded at all times with divine guidance. I thought about that a few minutes ago in the car. Just looked around to see what was there. The world is full of divine love.

  9. Jennifer aldrich says:

    Took my morning walk around Cresent lake and was feeling a little sad and who appeared but 2 of my power animals the raven and an osprey. I usually have encounters with these birds but birds in general seem to come to me often. Last week it was a red tailed hawk that landed on the roof of my apartment while I was sitting out there. The Ted Andrews Animal Speak book is excellent for the meanings of animals and lots of birds.

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