What did you do on 9-9-09?

Tonight at 9PM on 9-9-09 I was in the midst of a teleclass teaching people how to write their personal Covenant with Spirit. I knew it was a precious moment and wanted to honor it in some way. So ten minutes before class, I opened The Gift: Poems by Hafiz the great Sufi Master, and asked, “Show me the perfect poem for 9-9-09.” I read Hafiz every day, but tonight I opened to a poem I’d never read before:


Where does the real poetry
Come from?

From the amorous sighs
In this moist dark when making love
With form or

Where does poetry live?

In the eye that says, “Wow wee,”
In the overpowering felt splendor
Every sane mind knows
When it relizes–our life dance
Is only for a few magical

From the heart saying,
“I am so damn

There could not have been a more perfect prayer for a perfect moment when 29 unique souls reached around the globe to affirm that indeed each one of us has a divine purpose that will be expressed perfectly and fully in our Covenant with our Selves and with Spirit–our Covenant that says, “Here I am, this is me, I am alive!”

And so we shouted from California to Australia in one exquisite chorus: “I am so damn alive!”

And we will always remember that at 9PM on Sept 9th, 2009 we were so damn alive!

Hope you had a memorable moment tonight. What was it?


4 Comments on “What did you do on 9-9-09?”

  1. Judy says:

    This morning, I held my Hafiz book of poems and asked for the first time for a poem that would say something to me about manifesting. The book opened at “Wow” which really spoke to me. I then looked it up on Google and found your posting which connects with my thoughts on 09/09.
    Thanks for this! It’s a lovely poem isn’t it? – new to me too.

    • janetconner says:

      Judy: I’m chuckling as I read your comment. These things happen all the time, but each one is so delicious and amazing! Thank you so much for letting me and everyone on this blog hear your story. If The Gift is new to you, you are in for a glorious ride. You’ll also love The Subject Tonight is Love. I share Hafiz poetry in every one of my classes and Wow was a first for me, too. I’m being interviewed on a british literature radio show on Sunday Oct 4 on a blogtalkradio show by Colleen Lue, litmedia. I’ll post the details on my newsletter.

  2. Donna Vernon says:

    Oh! My God! Janet…It happened!. I am standing in the moment…right now. The moment that I know who I am and what I am here to do. I know how I am going to do it and the inner gifts that I have available to me.
    I’m shaking…I feel like a deer in the headlights and at the same time totally at peace.
    I can hardly wait to share my covenant and insights that I gained from now being aware of it with you next week.

    • janetconner says:

      Donna: A thousand congratulations. I know the feeling, it’s wonderous and overwhelming at the same time. You feel energy soaring through you. Hold on, it only gets richer and deeper.

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