December Plan Day 6: What do you want?

What do you want in 2010? Please don’t say something vague like a “better” life. Be specific. But not neurotic. I know there are spiritual teachers who say the more detailed the better. But really, if I were in the market for a new car (I’m not), I wouldn’t say I want a 2006 navy blue Lexus 350i with beige leather interior, a sunroof and wire rims. Even though that sounds like a rather delightful car.

I wouldn’t describe my new car with such a level of detail because the universe may very well have something different or better in store for me. I would say something like, “I am driving my beautiful, safe, affordable, and totally delightful car. I love my new car.” Or, if I wanted to find a job, I wouldn’t say, I want an administrative position in downtown Clearwater making $55,000. Why? Because maybe the perfect job is in Largo. Maybe I’m ready to branch out of administration. Maybe I’ll earn less initially but more very soon thereafter, or maybe there’s a job waiting for me with a higher starting salary. So, I would say something like, “I am in my perfect job doing my perfect work and generating prosperity for myself, my family, and all I serve.”

Got the picture? Think of it as a hamburger (or veggie burger) order. Do you have to specify all the ingredients, the cooking method, the temperature and the condiments for the chef? Or, in the hands of a master chef, don’t you feel free to say something like, “I’d like the best hamburger the chef can make for me, a hamburger that will be an absolute joy to eat.” The idea is to stimulate the universe to deliver what you want but not give it such a tight order that the Master Chef’s hands are basically tied.

And why do you want to do this whole I want exercise? Because in our December Plan we are preparing to call in our magical 2010. How will you know it’s magical? You’ll know it when everything you asked for in December “magically” appears in the next 12 months. You may not know when or how, but it will appear.

So, what do you want?
In your home?
Your friendships?
Your relationships?
Your partnerships?
Your business?
Your finances?
Your family?
Your health?
Your dreams?
Make a list. Check it twice. Then, write each I want statement on a small piece of paper or little folded card.

When I went to the craft store to get my Advent wreath, I discovered that the commercial world is a little short on the whole Advent idea. Frustrated, I wandered the aisles looking for anything resembling a candle wreath. I’d just about given up and was planning on getting a few candles and figuring something out at home, when I wandered down a “Holiday Decorations” aisle and saw on a bottom shelf a totally delightful standup wooden Advent Calendar with 25 tiny doors. I know our December Plan goes all the way to December 31. But this wooden calendar is perfect in every other way. (And it was half off, thank you, God.) When I get to December 26, I’ll just go back to door number 1 for a few days.

Here’s how I use my I want statements. Every evening, I light my advent candle (just one this first week) and say my December Plan Prayer. (Day 5’s post) Then I read one I want statement out loud. The statements make me so happy, I can’t help but smile. I instantly feel a little burst of joy imagining this thing arriving in my life. As I smile, I feel a spark of gratitude for this delightful thing. Then I put my little card inside the tiny compartment behind the door marked with the day’s date. By Dec 31, there will be 31 little cards.

If you are using a wreath, you might put a small bowl in the middle and put the cards there, or in a pouch, or a small wooden box. Any arrangement that makes you happy. Remember you are your own priest and you are creating your own December ritual. You are laying the groundwork to call in your divinely guided, lovingly supported, profoundly magical new year.

So, what you want? Do you even know? Don’t be surprised if you don’t. Not really. If that’s the case, ask on the page. “Dear Voice, what do I want? What will make 2010 magical?”


4 Comments on “December Plan Day 6: What do you want?”

  1. Lesley says:

    I really enjoyed this! What a great idea and now I’m off for an advent item!

  2. Linda Bryant says:

    I went to our local Catholic bookstore/gift shop today. It’s a wonderland there. I didn’t grow up Catholic, so it was hard to know where to start. I’m going with the four candles idea, but making my own candle arrangement for it. I’m putting a bowl in the middle full of some of the goodies I got today. I’m drawn to several of the saints and of course the archangels. So I have some cards and tokens representing several of them. I got “Three Kings” incense, which smells sooooo clean and compelling. I’m working on my Prayer, so it still may take a couple of days before I’m working on all cylinders with this. I LOVE the idea of uncovering the gifts of 2009 and then releasing all my prisoners. First one, then the other.
    Thanks for guiding this Janet. You are really onto something!

    • janetconner says:

      Linda: I’m so glad this process is speaking to you. Yes, this week we uncover all the gifts, good and not so good and next week we immerse ourselves in forgiveness–the greatest gift on earth. Love to hear what happens in your December Plan!

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