December Plan Day 9: What was the theme of your 2009 movie?

This week in our December Plan to create a magical new year, we are looking back at 2009. If we look at it long enough and dig into its adventures deep enough, we’ll find a theme, a purpose, a focus. Consider for a moment the possibility, despite appearances to the contrary, that the past 11 months have been divinely guided every step of the way.

It’s been a movie. Your 2009 movie. And you had the starring role. You know what happens in a good movie. The main character learns something or experiences something or has some sort of epiphany that changes his or her life. When you leave a movie and someone asks, “What was that movie about?” you can answer pretty quickly, “It’s about….” You answer quickly and confidently because you absorbed the theme of the movie. Well, that’s what you’re looking for — the theme of your own 2009 movie.

Once you know that theme, you can give your movie a name, a name that captures the essence, the meaning, the soul purpose of your life’s adventure through 2009. Not sure what that is? Don’t be surprised. None of us do. And rarely do we take the time to figure it out. In December, we get all caught up in holiday preparations and parties. If we have any extra time or awareness, we jump ahead to thinking about the next year. Rarely, if ever, do we stop and sit and explore the story that began the previous January.

Would you like to know what your movie has been about? It’s theme? It’s title?
Then, sit down and have a little chat with your wise loving Voice. Talk about what happened in 2009. And what didn’t happen. Look at what you expected to have or learn or do in 2009. Explore your feelings. Your ahas. Your dilemmas. In the end, what did you learn? What did you accomplish? What’s your epiphany? What was this whole year about?

Looking back at my 2009, I see that it was “The Year of the Book.” (Nice name for my movie, don’t you think?) I learned how to market, promote, travel, speak, teach workshops, use social media, write a newsletter, build an audience, handle booksignings, work with a publicist, graphic designer, publisher. This whole year has been a year of learning about what happens when a book comes out. So why does this matter? Because it’s an essential skill. With this foundation, I’m ready for the next step. And in 2010 I’m going to call in the next step. But first, I’m going to watch the credits roll on my 2009 movie and say thank you.


One Comment on “December Plan Day 9: What was the theme of your 2009 movie?”

  1. Erroldontop says:

    Various of folks talk about this topic but you said some true words!!

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