December Plan Day 23: The magic begins today. What do you want?

This December Plan to call in a magical new year has been quite an adventure hasn’t it? The first week, we set our intention and created our personal processes. The second week, we unearthed all the gifts of 2009. Last week, we took a long swim in the cleansing sea of forgiveness. With each stroke we collected more and more of the cash that runs this miraculous universe.

You’re rich right now. Whether you see it or not, your pockets are stuffed with miracle cash. This week, you get to decide what you’re going to spend it on. The really fun part of our December Plan starts right now.

2009 has been a strange year for many. For some, it’s been downright brutal. But we are here. We are standing. We are alive. And January 1st is coming. We have done what we could. Now it’s time to gently tuck 2009 in her bed, bless her, kiss her, and say goodnight. It’s time to close that door and turn our faces toward the rising light of 2010.

2010 could be magical. It could be divine. It could be a year of wonder and joy. It could be. And you have the power to call it in. Truth is, like Dorothy, you’ve always had the power, but if you’re anything like me, you’re really just beginning to absorb that profound truth. Our December Plan is our red shoes. And I, for one, am ready to do some serious clicking.

(Thanks to Beth Boardman for this delightful picture. Guys, I know it doesn’t work for you; imagine red loafers!)

 Click I acknowledge that I am an alchemist. I have the power to co-create my life, my world, my year.

Click I know what I want and what I need. I don’t apologize for it. I state it. I state it loud and clear.

Click My year is alive. It has a name, a delicious, delightful, smile-inducing, heart-lifting, soul-popping name.

Click My year has a symbol. A picture. A thing. I infuse my year’s symbol with the power and joy of my new year. Just glancing at it makes me happy.

Click I believe. I believe in myself. I believe in my purpose. I believe that my soul is unfolding just the way it wants.

Click With my head high and proud, I joyfully take the next step toward my purpose. Toward my year. Toward my destiny.

Click I trust. I trust that I am loved, protected, guided, and led. Led right into into my magical new year.

I told you this week would be fun! Let’s begin with Click One:

I am an alchemist. I am a magical being. As Rev. Lauren McLaughlin of Unity Now states so elegantly and succinctly in one of the Twelve Affirmations:

“I am intimately connected to all the power of the universe.”

Say that. Let it sink in. It will start in your head as an idea, but let the words drift down to your throat, your heart, your solar plexus, your stomach, your bowels and down into your legs. Let the words flow out of your body and into the earth. Then back again. Draw the words up into your feet from the blessed earth that sustains you. For fun, when it reaches your feet, click your heels as you say it again:

“I am intimately connected to all the power of the universe.”

Then let the words flow back up through your chakras and out
the top of your head to connect with and attract the power of this beautiful universe — our home. Now and forever. This is home. This is your home. You belong here. You are one of its power children. Not a bad family to be a member of!

Till tomorrow’s blog, keep clicking!


6 Comments on “December Plan Day 23: The magic begins today. What do you want?”

  1. Janet, I keep being drawn back to this post. It’s powerful and uplifting.

    Thank you.

    • Janet Conner says:

      Pamela: Me, too. Whenever I re read it, I am drawn back into the power of those statements. I am an alchemist. We WANT that so much. For hundreds of years people have wrestled with how to change lead to gold. In Deepak Chopra’s Creating Affluence, he says that at it’s atomic core, lead and gold ARE the same. So surprise, the world is designed as a creative playground. And we really are alchemists. But we still don’t know it. I’m determined this new year to step into a place of KNOWING that and create my new world. And do it in partnership with so many other deep soul writers. 2010 is the year of the miracle

  2. […] found some of my focus in Janet Conner’s post about naming your year, and more from this post about the power of the full moon/lunar eclipse. (I warned you that I was […]

  3. Neil Reid says:

    Hello Janet. Good post! Maybe you could repeat it each day. That would be about right I think. Maybe I would phrase it slightly by my experience…

    It is good to live a life with purpose.

    Easy to just start drifting sometimes, especially when events seem to disqualify as you’ve said here. But then maybe that’s what meditation is about – quieting all that noise we take as distractive until we see with eyes more purposeful (more loving too, as you wish).

    And if this adds something worthy of your attention, my own notions spiritually, suggest in literal sense, that this place right here, all of this, is heaven itself (so why not relish and enjoy this most miraculous gift). Vonnegut I think it was who spoke in one novel the notion of that, “lucky lucky mud, who one day got to rise up from the rest and breath and look and see and experience”. I think yes, we are very lucky mud indeed!

    However we find to affirm this life, this experience, is a worthwhile thing. Thank you again for this post, and I think I must come visit again (follow Miss Pamela this time around).

    And PS, guy as I am, I still loved the ruby shoes!

  4. divinities says:

    Hi Janet

    Its been two days since I was drawn to your blog and have unabashedly devoured every bit of it (even through my work hours 🙂 ) And..I took notes. I wrote down things that that have made me smile, that have touched my heart and made me think. And after I did that, I read it all over again… and it still works…second time around 🙂

    Thank You. God Bless You.


    P.s. I am sorely tempted to step out and buy a pair of ruby slippers just so I could click click my way to the next day…. 😛

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