Our one and only job

My last blog post ended with a description of the mystical mandala I created on January 1 to call in my magical new year. The real magic, I discovered, was in centering my focus not on what I want, but on creating the conditions in my heart, my mind, my body, my soul, and my environment that will magnetically attract what I want.

After all we’ve heard and read about the law of attraction, I was rather stunned to realize I’d missed something so big and, once it was right in front of me, so obvious. This isn’t anti-law of attraction. Rather, I think it’s a deeper, more profound understanding of the true law behind the law of attraction.

I realized the magnetic power isn’t in wanting, or rather it isn’t just in wanting. Mind you, wanting is good. Wanting is important. Wanting sends a vibrational message into the universe. I’m not voting that we stop wanting. But I’ve had, and I know you’ve had, the experience of wanting and wanting and wanting but experiencing nothing in response. So the power isn’t generated just by the feeling or expression of wanting. It’s deeper than that.

That’s how I interpret Thich Nhat Hahn’s stunning sentence, “When conditions are sufficient, there is a manifestion.” You are Here.

When I read those words, I felt Thich Nhat Hahn was whispering in my ear: Don’t focus on the manifestation, Janet, focus on creating the conditions; the manifestations will take care of themselves.

That’s why the center of my mandala suddenly had to be a lily. As in, “Consider the lilies, they do not toil nor spin, but I tell you that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as one of them.” (Matthew 6: 28-29) As the Voice and I had chats on the page on how to create the perfect conditions, I found myself drawing a lily with six petals. Each petal states one essential daily activity. As I repeat all six every day, I create the conditions that cannot help but generate my desires.

Petal 1 – Hold my intention to be of service
Petal 2 – Say my prayers aloud
Petal 3 – Create and cherish my sacred work space
Petal 4 – Do my holy work
Petal 5 – Keep my focus on the good (not the fear)
Petal 6 – Have a grateful heart

Of course you don’t have to draw a lily or follow my six conditions. Choose a symbol and the condition-creating activities that speak to you. Perhaps you see yourself and your perfect conditions as a star or ripples of water or something else. The specific image doesn’t matter. Thoughtfully choosing one, does.

But even if you’re not using a flower, please stick with me for a moment on this flower image because I think it holds a simple but profound truth.

What does a flower, or any other plant, do to grow? It doesn’t generate it’s food, the sun does that. It just has to turn to the sun and absorb the light. Nature takes it from there. Well, what if that’s true for us, too. What if our job, really our only job, is to turn toward our Sun — Spirit — and absorb the light. If we keep our eyes on God, we can’t help but blossom and grow.

Kahlil Gibran said it simply and clearly: “Be like the flowers, turn your face to the sun.”

The great Sufi mystic Hafiz expressed this idea in perfect poetry in “The Lute Will Beg” from The Gift. When Daniel Ladinsky gave me permission to quote his translations of the mystical poets, he said I had to include this poem in my next book.

The Lute Will Beg

You need to become a pen
In the Sun’s hand.

We need for the earth to sing
Through out pores and eyes.

The body will again become restless
Until your soul paints all its beauty
Upon the sky.

Don’t tell me, dear ones,
That what Hafiz says is not true,

For when the heart tastes its glorious destiny
And you awake to our constant need for your love

God’s lute will beg
For your

We are all pens. And God is begging for our hands. God’s presence in this world comes through our pens, our computers, our eyes, our art, our words, our work, our beauty. And to feed our souls, to find the energy to do our holy work and create the life we are here to live, we have only one job: to turn our faces to the Light.

This morning when I woke, I imagined divine Light on my face. In my mind, I turned my face to that sweet warm nourishing Light and whispered, “God, God, God.”

Try it. It’s a delicious way to welcome a new day. A new day in which your soul once again paints all its beauty upon the sky.

10 Comments on “Our one and only job”

  1. Maria says:

    What a great post! I’ve always wondered why it seems to hard to manifest anything, and I totally agree with your vision on this. The Voice will show how to make the conditions right, and all we have to do is ask.
    Grand poem!


    • janetconner says:

      Maria: Well, it feels like a “new” discovery to me. So I had to share it with everyone. That’s the whole point of a blog isn’t it? I’m really stuck on this idea right now of focusing on creating conditions and NOT fretting about why or when or how I’ll get what I want. It’s a 180 degree shift for me and I think for many. And it’s a whole lot better way to live.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Janet Conner, Maria Greene. Maria Greene said: Janet Conner–great blogpost! https://janetconner.wordpress.com/2010/01/20/our-one-and-only-job/ […]

  3. Maryalice Trojnar says:

    You are my hero. Thanks for all of the inspiration that you have given me! Thanks for helping me find God again, although I realize that he was always there.

  4. Janet,

    Thanks for this post so much. The timing is perfect for me since this year my goal is like yours , to enjoy my “ships” coming in after several years of launching them.

    I have manifested a number of things in my life before and yet I so easily slipped back into fear and wanting.

    My challenge is getting out of my head and into my soul and heart.

    I’ve never created a mandala before nor listed the conditions I will create, so it’s high time I did.

    Thanks again.

    • Janet Conner says:

      Let us know what happens with the energy of the mandala beside you all day. I have mine posted to the right of my computer where i see it every time I look away from the monitor. When my eyes fall on the lily with the six reminders, well, i am renewed and renewed and reminded and refreshed.

  5. judy Tafelski says:

    Janet, thank you so much for taking the time to verbalize this discovery. For a long time I have been resistant to focusing on the wants…conditions, things…etc.,but on creating the perfect field for the garden to grow with only the perfection, the variety and the beauty that the Universe can create… Thanks again…Judy

  6. I’ve printed out this post and will start my conditions mandala tomorrow. Thanks Janet.

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