Another Penny Message

After I posted my own “pennies from heaven” story about my first husband sending me pennies, Writing Down Your Soul newsletter readers starting sending theirs. Here’s a delicious one.
Janet, I really enjoy your e-mail newsletters. I especially enjoyed your story about the pennies from heaven. I, too, have a collection of them. The first one I got was on the day of my Mom’s funeral. When we left the church we went back out to the limo and there sitting in the middle of the 2nd seat was a shiny penny. It jumped out on the black upholstery. Now, 3 of us slid across that seat to exit the limo so I can’t believe it was there when we left. Plus our son had gone back out to the car to get something and he said he was sure he would have noticed that bright copper penny on the black seat. Since then my sister and I have both found pennies in odd places at times when we most needed the comfort of our Mother. She once found one on the edge of her sink after she’d fixed lunch and washed lettuce in the sink. The most recent one I found was the day we had to put our beloved beagle, Riley, to sleep. She was very sweet and my Mom loved her, too. My husband and I needed to get out of the house for a bit and when we returned, I opened the dryer. I pulled out the lint filter and there was a bright shiny penny. I knew my Mom was looking after Riley in heaven.

Thanks for sharing your stores. God Bless, Leneta, Atlanta GA

If you have a penny story or any other message from heaven, send them to me and I’ll post. My email is

One Comment on “Another Penny Message”

  1. Lori Schmidt Lutze says:

    So lovely!

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