What lies beyond the Law of Attraction

How does The Lotus and The Lily process work? I know it does. I’ve lived it for two years. This coming January 1, I’ll create my third Intention Mandala and I know today without a doubt, that the result will be a 2012 I will love. And I’m not the only one. Hundreds of people who have gone through The Lotus and The Lily telecourse have shared their own miraculous results.
But knowing something works and understanding how it works are two different things.
If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’ve struggled mightly with prosperity and attraction. Like everybody else, I was impacted by the popular literature on changing your thinking and asking for what you want. I listened, learned, and tried. But despite my best efforts, by November of 2009 I was bankrupt. It hurt, but I made an appointment to see a bankruptcy attorney the next February. In the meantime, I picked up a pen and demanded help. I received instructions on what to do during the four weeks of December.
There was one creepy caveat: I was to blog every day, letting the whole word peek into my spiritual pain and practice. I didn’t like that part. But I did it. Please understand that I did not clearly know what I was doing. The process did not come from anywhere inside my conscious mind. And I couldn’t find anything like it in the literature. And, I confess, I didn’t have any particular confidence that the whole thing would work. Bankruptcy was looking pretty final. But I couldn’t see any other option, so on December 1, 2009, I wrote my first blog.
A month later, after thirty days of often surprising spiritual exploration, I woke on January 1, 2010 ready to call in a new year. I felt truly ready. I had made amazing discoveries in my month of preparation. I had uncovered hidden gifts in my past, become a real friend of ritual and prayer, emptied myself of any vestige of anger or resentment, and become clear on what I wanted next in my life. That morning, I felt a deep sense of peace and knew I was in God’s hands and all was well.
But instead of starting my customary Soul Day process, I picked up a library book lying at my feet that was due the next day. Why in the world did I do that? Looking back I can only think it was an angel nudge.
Whatever the reason, I am forever grateful. Because buried in Thich Nhat Hanh’s beautiful book, You are Here, was a simple sentence explaining the Buddha’s teaching on the relationship of all things. That sentence changed my life, gave birth to The Lotus and The Lily course, and started a snowball rolling down a hill toward a greatly expanded writing and teaching career. The sentence is: “When conditions are sufficient, there is a manifestion.”
I lept out of my chair. My hand shot to my forehead. I raced in circles around the room gushing, “Oh my God! Oh my God! Everything we think we know about the Law of Attraction is 180 degrees off.” Every fiber of my being vibrated in recognition of Truth with a capital T. In the time it takes to read eight words, I knew why I hadn’t been able to create the life I wanted: Because it isn’t about asking for what you want! It’s about creating the fertile conditions that automatically and naturally produce all you want and more. There’s a BIG, BIG difference.
A few days later, I went hunting for what Jesus might have said on the same topic. I was pretty sure the two great spiritual masters wouldn’t teach two different things.
I was right. In English we read: “Seek first the kingdom, and all else shall be provided.” But in Aramaic, Jesus is so much more eloquent and precise: “When you pursue a right relationship with the Universal One, and allow that relationship to realign your life, you produce a condition of receptivity, in which everything you need to fulfill your purpose in life will be supplied by the universe.” (Neil Douglas-Klotz, Blessings of the Cosmos.)
In a word, it’s not about asking for anything; it’s about creating conditions.
In the two years since that morning, I have embraced Buddha and Jesus’s teachings on conditions. I’ve taught The Lotus and The Lily five times, and written the book proposal. But there was a part of me that still didn’t really grasp just how profound the differences are between the Law of Attraction and The Lotus and The Lily.
So the angels sent Jason Howard. Jason is a member of Your Soul Wants Five Things. We were talking on the phone and he asked what was happening with The Lotus and The Lily.I told him about Larry Dossey’s wonderful endorsement:”The Lotus and the Lily is a healthy corrective for the ego-driven, materialistic interpretation of spirituality that is epidemic in our culture. Spirituality is not about getting your stuff. It is about developing a closer relationship with the Transcendent, however named, as Janet Conner makes clear.””Of course,” Jason said, “The Lotus and The Lily is about  giving, not getting; allowing, not requesting.” In that moment, a whole cascade of differences came pouring down. I had to write them quickly lest I forget. Here are just a few:
Law of Attraction                            Lotus and Lily
human at the center                     divine at the center
how to ask                                         how to live
things                                                  conditions
effort                                                   effortless
goals                                                    intentions
conscious mind                              higher self/soul
ego                                                      will
manipulate                                      allow
personal desire                              universal service
personal power                              step aside
fill the cup yourself                      “cup runneth over”
That’s just a taste. The differences are endless. Now, this doesn’t mean the Law of Attraction is wrong. It simply means that we’ve been focused on only a tiny corner of its true power and capacity. Jesus said, “everything you need” will be supplied by the universe. So why ask for this or that when if you put your energy into creating the conditions of your life, the universe will send everything.
In these past two years, I can certainly attest to things and people and opportunities coming my way that I didn’t ask for. It appears that a greater consciousness than mine knew I needed them and sent them effortlessly to me. My job, as I see it, is to say thank you and use everything that comes to me to fulfill my purpose.
So I say thank you to Jason and the angel that sent him. Thank you to Thich Nhat Hanh and the angel that nudged me to read his book. Thank you to Neil Douglas-Klotz for a lifetime of research into Jesus in Aramaic. And I say thank you to the hundreds who have joined me in this great adventure.
If you’ve been wondering what lies BEYOND the Law of Attraction, please come join me on November 21 for the only presentation of The Lotus and The Lily before the book comes out next year.  
I cannot wait to stand beside you as you too discover just how rich and delightful life can be beyond the Law of Attraction.

December Plan Day 5: Your magical December Prayer

Prayer is magical. Our goal in this December Plan is to call in a magical new year, so it seems logical that prayer is an essential part of our December Plan.

Prayer is such an interesting phenomenon. It alters your vibration. It lifts your heart and lightens your load. You know all this instinctively from your personal experiences with prayer. But if, when you began to pray today, someone was there attaching EEG, EKG and other brain and body measurement tools to your head and chest, you’d see the effects of prayer right there before your eyes on the printouts and screens. You’d see your heart rate slowing down and your breathing deepen. You’d watch as your too-fast beta brain waves slow down and shift into alpha, maybe even theta. You might not see immediate results in your outer world–that is, whatever you are requesting might not manifest right away–but you would definitely see the immediate results in your inner physical world. (And don’t worry about that outer world manifestation. It’s coming.)

If you want to explore the impact of prayer on all realms–physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual–read Larry Dossey, starting with the book that woke the world to measurable power of prayer, Healing Words. No has written more prolifically on the power of prayer. There’s Prayer is Good Medicine and Reinventing Medicine and his latest, The Power of Premonitions.

But even if we didn’t have all this scientific substantiation, most of us on the planet would still acknowledge that prayer works. Mysteriously, perhaps. Erratically, perhaps. But it works. And that’s where our focus is this December. We want prayer that works–prayer that magnetically attracts the 2010 we want.

The best prayer, the most powerful prayer, is the one that comes up from the wellspring of your soul. Yes, yes, I know that spiritual and religious cultures have many gorgeous and deeply powerful prayers. But there’s something truly magical about writing your own prayer. Coming from your life, your situation, your emotions, your needs, your dreams, youur fears, and your purpose, your words will have a power when you speak them that words written by others somehow don’t have. Remember from Day 4: you are your own priest.

It’s really quite easy. Just sit down and have a conversation with your wise loving Voice. Talk about what’s important. Talk about why you’re writing this prayer and what you hope it will accomplish. Then, from the soul level, ask for your December Prayer. Write fast. No thinking, no editing, no judging. Just write. I started talking two mornings ago with my Voice about how important partnership is to me and as I wrote I realized that’s what next year is all about for me. Once I focused in on partnership, I felt ready to ask for my December Prayer.

Here it is. Read it if you like. But be sure to write your own. When you speak your own prayer, the words will resonate from your toes to your scalp and your prayer will change your vibration. Plus, I’m pretty sure, your angels will be laughing and applauding.

Janet’s December Plan Prayer
“Today, dear God, I declare my commitment to live in partnership. I am rich in partnerships. Michael protects me. Gabriel sends the words. Spirit guides me. My spiritual community loves and supports me. Now, I step forward into my magical 2010 year as a partner calling forth my perfect partners: speaking partners, teaching partners, writing partners, learning partners, publishing partners, publicity and administration partners, and my life partner—all the partners I need to live the life I’m here to live.

In return, I commit to be the partner they are looking for—present, active, generous, creative, helpful, kind, and grateful. I share my bounty and together we do great and meaningful work that blesses and heals many, many souls.

Thank you for this past year of learning and growing. It is my foundation for my new year of Magic and Joy. Thank you, God. Thank you, God. Thank you, God. I am so blessed. I am so blessed. I am so blessed.”

So now, what do you do with your December Prayer? Well, I say mine every evening as I light my candle on my December Plan Altar (aka, the sofa lamp table).

Tomorrow we’ll talk about what you want in 2010 and how to incorporate those desires into your December Plan. But for today, write your magical prayer calling in your magical year. Isn’t this fun!