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11 Comments on “Subscribe to Janet’s Newsletter”

  1. Marvie Roberts says:

    Sorry, I have a questin unrelated to your book, what total communication program did you teach at when you taught in California?

    • janetconner says:

      I taught for LA city schools and then Mt Diablo Unified School District, always using Total communication which means speaking and signing simultaneously. The form of sign language I learned at Northwestern University (my graduate program) was called SEE — Seeing Essential English. So we would sign all the verb tenses and endings. I don’t know if anyone uses SEE today. I haven’t been involved in education of the deaf since 1979. What do you do?

  2. CARMEN says:

    While meditating yesterday, it came to my mind the word “soul writing”
    These days I was looking on web something on writing but nothing interested me..
    When I came to this web site I was caught by the book ( I want to order immediately , as there is no traduction in italian I guess)….
    I think it is the kind of thing I am looking for.

    Carmen, Milan

    • janetconner says:

      Carmen: You’re right. There is no Italian translation. Just english at the moment. You can order the book online anywhere though. If there is an Amazon in Italy, start there, or the regular US Amazon, or I can send you a signed copy myself. You can order on my website and I’ll send you an additional paypal invoice for a bit more shipping. International shipping tends to run around ten dollars US. I love how you found Writing Down Your Soul. Spirit is always whispering in our ears! Janet

  3. L Spencer says:

    I am sooo delighted to find you–All things this morning –book, blog etc. Thanks to Daily Word for March ! God bless your work!

  4. Lisa says:

    Hello Janet.

    I found your book by chance on Barnes and Noble as I was book hopping and saw your website. I decided to check the website out before buying the book. I read the first chapter of the book on your website and felt so calm and peaceful reading it that I knew I had to buy it.

    A friend of mine gave me a gift certificate to barnes and noble and I was able to use it to get your book. I’m so excited to get it and read it.


  5. Beth Maxie says:

    Please put me on your e-mail list. I was so moved by your description of your experience in Costa Rica.

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