December Plan Day 28: Your (magical new) year in one picture

This week in our December Plan has been fun, fun, fun. As of last night, December 27th, we have a list with 27 delightful expectations for 2010. If you haven’t created your wish list, it’s OK, you can begin today or tomorrow or any day you want. Just sit down and get clear, really clear, about what you want to see happen in 2010.

Please note the use of the verb “see” in that sentence. It sounds simple, but it matters. It really matters.

Yesterday, I received a profound confirmation of the power of “seeing.” I had an angel guidance reading with Margo Mastromarchi, The Oracle of the Dove. When I asked about finances, the angels had this to say:

“Do not focus on what is going out. Focus on what is coming in and it will multiply. You are the only reason you do not see it coming. See it. See it as checks, checkbooks, bank accounts, receipts of paid bills…see only that. And as you see it, open your hands.”

Instantly, I recognized what I’d done. I’d put my focus for the last few months on paying bills. I’d made endless lists of what was owed and when it was due and then I jockeyed funds to make sure I had money in the right account on the right day. The only thing I’d been “seeing” was bills. And while I was looking hard and long at all that outgo, fear crept in. And once inside, it grew, and spread, and gobbled up all the air.

But since December 1st, I’ve added one delightful item every day to my wish list for 2010.

Wait a sec. I’ve got to stop calling it a “wish list.” These are not wishes. These are expectations. These are miracles. These are requests. Dare I say, demands? These are descriptions of the good things flowing to me in the next twelve months so that I can do the work I’m here to do and live the life I’m here to live. These are the ways I fulfill my purpose, my calling, my destiny. These are not wishes or pie in the sky dreams, these are real. And my eyes are fixed upon them. My eyes are now fixed on the horizon of Jan 1 and over that horizon comes my ship. My ships. My many ships. Filled with the 31 divine gifts of the year.

No more wishes for us. We are alchemists. And alchemists know how to use the power of this magical universe to create. Last week — forgiveness week in our December Plan — I suggested that we call this list our “Freedom List” because as our ships come in, we break more and more of the bonds of doubt, worry, fear, frustration, depression — whatever name you give to what you know is holding you back.

If you read yesterday’s post, you also gave your new year a magical new name. Mine is “My Break Through Year.”

So, today we wrap up this week in our December Plan to call in our magical new year with one last totally fun adventure:

  • Look at your Freedom Lists
  • Visualize ships laden with those expectations sailing your way
  • Meditate on the name of your year

When you do those three things, what do you see? What one image or picture or object or animal or, well, anything, comes to mind that somehow symbolizes your year?

Mine is a chair. As I began my Freedom List, I realized that my expectations for 2010 fall into 4 categories: my work, the partners who help me get that work out into the world, my son, and my life partner. I know that when all four legs of the chair are in place, I will be living the joyful life of service I am here to live. And how perfect for me that the symbol of my divine year is also the symbol of the space where I work. I do, after all, spend my days sitting in my writing chair.

So, I’m headed to the craft store to get a small wooden chair to put on my altar. And when I draw my mandala for next year (you’ll learn how to do that in the next few days) I’ll put my perfect four-legged balanced chair in the center.

So your delightful task on this the 28th day of the December Plan to call in a magical new year, is to get a symbol for your year. If you’re not sure what that is, ask for divine guidance and it will come. On a walk, in a magazine, in your dreams, while deep soul writing…. It will come.

Then, follow the angels instructions:

“See what you want to see. See it coming…. See only that… See the flow and as you see it, open your hands.”

Me? I see a gorgeous, strong, balanced chair with four gorgeous strong balanced legs: work, partners, son, husband. That’s some chair. My goodness, it’s more of a throne!

December Plan Day 23: The magic begins today. What do you want?

This December Plan to call in a magical new year has been quite an adventure hasn’t it? The first week, we set our intention and created our personal processes. The second week, we unearthed all the gifts of 2009. Last week, we took a long swim in the cleansing sea of forgiveness. With each stroke we collected more and more of the cash that runs this miraculous universe.

You’re rich right now. Whether you see it or not, your pockets are stuffed with miracle cash. This week, you get to decide what you’re going to spend it on. The really fun part of our December Plan starts right now.

2009 has been a strange year for many. For some, it’s been downright brutal. But we are here. We are standing. We are alive. And January 1st is coming. We have done what we could. Now it’s time to gently tuck 2009 in her bed, bless her, kiss her, and say goodnight. It’s time to close that door and turn our faces toward the rising light of 2010.

2010 could be magical. It could be divine. It could be a year of wonder and joy. It could be. And you have the power to call it in. Truth is, like Dorothy, you’ve always had the power, but if you’re anything like me, you’re really just beginning to absorb that profound truth. Our December Plan is our red shoes. And I, for one, am ready to do some serious clicking.

(Thanks to Beth Boardman for this delightful picture. Guys, I know it doesn’t work for you; imagine red loafers!)

 Click I acknowledge that I am an alchemist. I have the power to co-create my life, my world, my year.

Click I know what I want and what I need. I don’t apologize for it. I state it. I state it loud and clear.

Click My year is alive. It has a name, a delicious, delightful, smile-inducing, heart-lifting, soul-popping name.

Click My year has a symbol. A picture. A thing. I infuse my year’s symbol with the power and joy of my new year. Just glancing at it makes me happy.

Click I believe. I believe in myself. I believe in my purpose. I believe that my soul is unfolding just the way it wants.

Click With my head high and proud, I joyfully take the next step toward my purpose. Toward my year. Toward my destiny.

Click I trust. I trust that I am loved, protected, guided, and led. Led right into into my magical new year.

I told you this week would be fun! Let’s begin with Click One:

I am an alchemist. I am a magical being. As Rev. Lauren McLaughlin of Unity Now states so elegantly and succinctly in one of the Twelve Affirmations:

“I am intimately connected to all the power of the universe.”

Say that. Let it sink in. It will start in your head as an idea, but let the words drift down to your throat, your heart, your solar plexus, your stomach, your bowels and down into your legs. Let the words flow out of your body and into the earth. Then back again. Draw the words up into your feet from the blessed earth that sustains you. For fun, when it reaches your feet, click your heels as you say it again:

“I am intimately connected to all the power of the universe.”

Then let the words flow back up through your chakras and out
the top of your head to connect with and attract the power of this beautiful universe — our home. Now and forever. This is home. This is your home. You belong here. You are one of its power children. Not a bad family to be a member of!

Till tomorrow’s blog, keep clicking!

The December Plan: Day 1

Do you remember your most magical year? I do. It was 2006. If I wanted something that year, I got it. I asked and I received. It was so easy and so fast, that “magical” is the only word that fits.

In January of that year, I called forth two life-altering miracles. First, I pulled my perfect marketing partner out of the sky. Those columns for UPI got the world’s attention and taught me how to write. That month, I also got tired of watching “Love Actually” and decided to actually have love. On Friday January 13 — my lucky day — I went to dinner with the intention of meeting my new love, walked into my favorite restaurant, and there he was. He told me later that at five o’clock he felt an urge to change his dinner plans and go there for the first time. So, what was I doing at five o’clock? Why, sitting in my chair and praying my request for the last time, knowing it would be filled — immediately. In June, Conari Press contacted me. In November, they accepted my proposal for Writing Down Your Soul.

2006 was a magical year.

Yesterday, I woke with a burning desire to have another magical year. I want so much. I want to write new books and have those books recorded. I want the perfect support and marketing team. I want to teach at renowned spiritual centers. I want prosperity to come home and roost — this time for good. And this year, I don’t want a lover; I want the love of my life.

I want.

And you do, too. I know you do. You tell me in emails and in person how much you want. You tell me over and over that you want 2010 to be different from 2009 — better, richer, more joyful, more abundant, more divine.

How do you do that? Well, I began the way I begin everything, with a chat on the page. “What made 2006 so magical?” I asked my Voice. The first idea that came up was Advent. “Advent” I wrote, “I haven’t thought about Advent for years. Why are we talking about Advent?”

Well, I learned why. Advent was a big deal in my childhood home. In December, we did not get a Christmas tree. We did not go on lavish shopping excursions. We did not decorate the house. Instead, my mother put a wreath on the dining room table with three purple candles and one pink. Before dinner, she lit one candle for each week and read a prayer. Advent, she said, was a season of preparation. If you wanted to fully receive the light on Christmas, you had to spend December getting ready.

You can imagine how thrilled we kids were about Advent. We didn’t want to pray. We wanted to make lists for Santa Claus. We didn’t want a bare living room. We wanted a sparkling tree. But there was no point whining. Mother was in charge and we were having Advent.

There was, however, one small delight. Every day one of us was invited to open a tiny door on a special Advent calendar. Behind it was a picture of a dove or an angel or a Christmas tree — some symbol of the joy to come. Those little pictures spurred our anticipation to even greater heights.

So what does my childhood experience of Advent have to do with creating a magical 2010? Well, I realize looking back that I had a spectacular 2006 because I spent the previous December getting ready. I spent long hours in divine dialogue dissecting how my life was unfolding. I wrote about the past and all its pain. I wrote about what I was learning and all the gifts I uncovered in my story. I forgave everyone I thought had harmed me. And I wrote in detail about what I wanted next in my life.

Finally, on January 1, 2006, I could write in a firm hand with total confidence: “I am ready. I am ready for my marketing partner. I am ready for my publisher. I am ready to be in a relationship. I am ready.”

The magic wasn’t just in declaring what I wanted — we’ve all done that and seen nothing happen. It was in being READY. I had given myself a rich Advent. I didn’t call it that at the time, but I had prepared my heart, my mind, and my soul to step into the next phase of my life. And because I was ready, totally and completely ready, everything I wanted came to me.

So this year, I am consciously creating a season of preparation.
Would you like to join me? Let’s spend December preparing the ground of our minds, our hearts, and our souls for a magical 2010. I ordinarily send my newsletter every two to three weeks. This December, I’ll send it every Tuesday. (Subscribe above) I’m also going to blog about it every day. Together, we will create a powerful December Plan.

By January 1, 2010 we’ll both be ready — really, really ready — to call in a magical year. I can’t wait!

Here’s the basic outline.

Dec 1-7–The process–Design your preparation rituals
Dec 8-14–The past–Uncover all the gifts of 2009
Dec 15-21–Get free–Release all your prisoners
Dec 22-28–Get focused–Create a short, clear “I want” list
Dec 29-Jan 1–Get ready–Call in your magical year

The first week is all about creating your own preparation. How do you want to honor this precious time? Here’s what I’m doing. Borrow any ideas that appeal to you or better still, make up your own.

I’m going to:

  • get a plastic candle wreath and fill it with holiday greens and 4 gold candles
  • light one candle the first week, two the second, etc, as I say a special prayer of preparation before dinner
  • soul write every day about preparing for my magical year
  • draw a little picture of something I want next year on each day of a December calendar
  • as I fall asleep, ask for help reaping all the benefits of the past year and let my dreams take me deeper
  • do a special December preparation card reading with my favorite card set to gain any new or deeper insights into 2009 and my desires for 2010
  • ask Brian and Lisa Berman on their live Going Deeper conversation on Wed, Dec 9 to talk about how we can listen with our spiritual ears to hear our deeper story (I think this is a particularly meaningful skill for our December healing and preparation time)

What about you? What are you going to do to create a fertile December that heals all the wounds of 2009, uncovers all the rich learning, and prepares the ground for a profusion of abundance and joy in 2010?

Tomorrow: you are your own priest/shaman/rabbi/teacher