December Plan Day 12: Thought-worms, be gone!

Have you noticed the paradox of this week of the December Plan? Even though we’re taking tough backward views of all the issues of the last 11 1/2 months, we’re actually doing the richest and most productive work? How can that be? How can the richest week be the ickiest week? All this looking back seems to do is dredge up those old blocks, those old fears that constantly get in the way. Are you sick of it? Are you ready to shout once and for all: That’s it, I’m DONE with you! Get out of here!

I sure am. And I think I know how to do it.

Everyone has these sore spots, blind spots, relentless fears. Whatever you want to call them. Mine is worrying about money. In a therapy session years ago, I tracked the source of this insidious fear back to my sophomore year in high school when my mother said I couldn’t have new shoes. I remember I stared at her across the kitchen table dumbfounded. Whaddya mean I can’t have new shoes? Look at these shoes, Mom. They’re falling apart. I know, she said, I’m sorry, but we can’t afford them.

This was a new blip on my radar screen. I used to get a new coat every spring and every winter whether I wanted one or not. Now, I couldn’t get something I actually needed, a lousy pair of shoes. Until last weekend I assumed that that shoe scene in the kitchen was the moment I became overly conscious of and worried about money, always thinking there is never enough.

But guess what, that wasn’t the moment. Last weekend, Lauralyn Bunn came to my home to teach a small intimate group how to work with the Akashic Records — our soul’s records. In the course of the weekend, she mentioned that we carry “thought forms” that we no longer need, and gave us a prayer to release them. “It’s that easy?” I said, “you just say the prayer and send them on their way?”

What a powerful — and incredibly simple idea. I decided to pounce on my money fears and get that destructive thought form out of my consciousness as fast as I could.

For several days after Lauralyn left I did some deep soul writing about my money fears. Whatever I couldn’t work out on the page, my dreams handled for me. Last night, in what I think was the culmination of my money fear dreams, my mother appeared and told me that something had come off the roof of the tall building we were living in. Today, writing about that dream and my long history of fretting about earning enough, I had a big “aha.”

I realized that the shoe scene is not the moment the money fears got inside me. It happened 16 years earlier. In 1948, my mother was pregnant with her 3rd child in 5 years just 3 years after the war. They were living in a tiny apartment on the south side of Chicago, and Daddy was still not making any real money. I realized that the entire time she carried me she was worried, no more like “scared to death,” about how her family was going to survive. Her thoughts felt like: There isn’t enough money, my husband doesn’t make enough money, we don’t have enough money, we’re not OK, what am I going to do? Those thoughts gelled into a parasite, a thought-worm so to speak, and passed through the placenta wall and into my spirit. And now at 61, I am ready to send that thought-worm out the top of my head and off into the universe.

Here’s the prayer: “Father/Mother God, I ask that this thought form be sent on in its spiritual evolution for the highest good and mutual benefit of everyone concerned.”

Simple, isn’t it. I’ve said this prayer three times a day for a week. I think it’s working. I feel lighter. Happier. More hopeful and peaceful. More protected. More safe. Dare I say it, richer.

As I say the prayer, I imagine my mother’s worries as a parasitic worm crawling up my chakras and out the top of my head to be taken by Spirit to be transformed.

Want to try? Do some deep soul writing to identify the parasitic thought-worm that’s been living in your consciousness for years, decades even. Once you can name it, pray it out.

Just think how ready we’ll be to call in a magical 2010 with NO parasitic thought forms blocking the way. This is exciting, isn’t it.

December Plan Day 8: What did you create in 2009?

Thanks for all your emails and comments. It’s clear that this “December Plan” to prepare our hearts, our minds, and our souls to call in a magical new year has captured your attention and inspired you to create your own December Plans. Here’s my basic outline:

Dec 1: The process–Design your preparation rituals
Dec 8: The past—Uncover all the gifts of 2009
Dec 15: Get free–Release all your prisoners
Dec 22: Get focused–Create a short, clear “I want” list
Dec 29: Get ready–Call in your magical year

In week 2 our focus is on uncovering the gifts — all the gifts — of this past year. It’s a logical and necessary next step. In the first week, you put your basic December Plan in place. You created your process, identified your guides, wrote your special prayer, and began to play with what you want in 2010. (If you missed any of this just scroll down for Days 1-7)

But before we can jump ahead to the joy of calling in a magical year, it’s important to take a moment and look back at the road we just traveled. Why? Because you can’t call in something new, something better, something more joyful, if you don’t understand what you’ve already called in the last 11 months.

And yes, you called it in–even if you look back at what happened in 2009 and say emphatically, “I did not call this in. I did not want this, and believe me, I did not ask for it.” Well, maybe you didn’t consciously ask for it, but you still called it in.

That’s the thing with human consciousness, or perhaps I should say human un-consciousness. We are magically creative creatures. We are endlessly and always connected with the creative force of the universe. Every thought has magnetic power. But here’s the problem. It’s not just the pretty thoughts that have power. All thoughts have power. Worry, I am particularly sorry to report, is a powerful thought form that magnetically attracts more of what you’re already worried about. (I agree this is a rotten deal, but you can’t have the magical creative quality of the happy thoughts without the magical creative quality of the negative thoughts. Sorry.)

It’s not just thoughts that have creative power. Every feeling, word, and action leaves a trace on the field of energy that surrounds and connects us all. You can read Ervin Laszlo’s Science and the Akashic Field for a better understanding of the science behind that statement. It was Lauralyn Bunn, the great Akashic Record reader and trainer, who introduced me to Laszlo. I spent this past weekend with Lauralyn learning about the Akashic Records or, as it’s called in Genesis, “The Book of Life.” The Records are not some wacko, woo-woo spirituality; they are the energetic traces of all that is or has been.

But you don’t have to have an Akashic Record reading to uncover the creative power of your thoughts, words, and actions in 2009. You can just look back at your calendar and see for yourself. Sit down and have a nice long conversation with the Voice. Explore the whole calendar together. And not just what happened. Be sure to talk about how you felt. And what you learned. And why you think your soul called it forth. Ask to understand the blessings buried below the surface. The nuggets of knowing. Of learning. Of moving deeper into connection with source. Look at and honor the steps that were taken toward a fuller expression of your soul’s purpose.

In other words, find the gifts, all the gifts of 2009–the good, the bad, and the ugly. Here’s a Dear Voice writing prompt to get you started.

Dear Voice: OK, let’s talk about 2009. You know I’d really rather focus on the future, but I get that it’s important to look back too. So let’s do it. Let’s go over the last 11 months together. There was some rough stuff. I know I’m safe talking about you but this whole thing about my soul calling it forth. Ouch. I sure don’t like the idea that I called forth ___________ or ___________. But let’s talk about it. Maybe I did. On some level I don’t understand. If it did. Even unconsciously. If my soul somehow needed this situation to evolve, well then, I’m willing to dive in and dissect it because you know what, I don’t want any more of it. So, let’s talk.

I’ll be blogging all this week on uncovering the gifts of 2009. Come join me.