Writing Down Your Soul — The Painting!

Writing Down Your Soul by Nicole Raisin Stern

Writing Down Your Soul by Nicole Raisin Stern

Last fall, Maggie Stultz, a clay artist in Virginia, participated in a Writing Down Your Soul teleclass. We’ve stayed in touch ever since.

Today, Maggie sent an email with this sweet present attached–the first (and as far as I know, only) painting of Writing Down Your Soul.

Maggied loved the book so much she gave a copy to her friend and fellow artist, Nicole Raisin Stern.

Nicole is traveling cross country right now with her two favorite companions: this book and her kitten Bodhi.

I’m beyond tickled. When I look at this painting, all I can do is smile. Big smile. Outrageous smile. Oh my God, smile. Doesn’t it make you smile, too?

Nicole and her artwork are available at:


Hey, I wonder how many other books have had their portrait painted? Do you know of any?